Friday, 27 September 2013

F R I D A Y N I G H T ' S O U T F I T ☽

I always find choosing an outfit for Friday night's event challenging (then again doesn't every girl?) The week before I always create this image in my head deciding how I think my outfit should piece together. So for this week I decided on 'All Black'.

Here is my final outfit...

Over Look

Recently I've been obsessed with the Kardashian's. Their amazing style; flawless make up; and always perfect hair. So I tried to merge it into my outfit. 

The Outfit
Adding leather into your outfit instantly adds edge and makes it a bit more interesting, I kept my outfit girly though by wearing a fun, playful skater skirt keeping it fresh.

These are the shoes that I wore. I recently bought these from BooHoo for £25.00. I love them so much!! They are black suede and go with any outfit. They are also a lot more comfier than I expected. 

Make up&Hair  
This isn't the best picture to show my make up as I quickly took it before going out, but It shows the smokey eye. I have quite small eyes so I love having smokey eyes because it instantly makes them look bigger and more defined. For the rest of my make up I was very subtle. 

 Like I said the Kardashian's are my style icon at the moment so I thought I would use Kim's signature slick back pony. Although I did add volume to the fringe.

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